My Love of Books

My Why to Becoming an Usborne Books and More Consultant

I am so in LOVE with books! I was the kid growing up who loved to read books, and would get so lost in the story that I wouldn’t notice the hours passing by! This led me to getting yelled at a few times for not having chores done (I still joke with my parents about them having to yell at me to stop reading when most parents have to yell at theirs to start!

To this day I still love reading! It is my best form of relaxation! Currently I am reading Rachel Hollis’s book Girl Wash Your Face (along with a few other smutty books that I am to embarrassed to mention here)!

Now that I am a mom I want to pass on this love of reading to my child! I have found that he loves Usborne Books and More, and I finally took the plunge into selling them because I am buying soooo many! Don’t let me fool you I still am a firm believer in TJ Maxxs book section for kids, but these Usborne books are of such good quality with so much educational value!

My sons current favorites are the That’s Not My series! I personally love the How To collection! Are you familiar with Usborne Books? What are your child’s favorite books? What good books are you yourself reading currently? Leave me a comment below!!!

Snow Day with Usborne Books

Seriously, another snow day! This winter has been a rough one for the Midwest! Seriously you need to check on all your Midwest parents because they are not okay!!

On a good note though this is a fun activity that they can do to liven up their day stuck in doors if they are not out sledding! The shine a light books and building a fort! Have the kids (and dads) make an awesome fort! Make sure there are pillows and blankets and bean bags inside to help the kids have a special spot to cuddle up and read! Then all you need are some shine the light books and a flash light! My son LOVED this activity!!!

Great for toddlers through school aged children!!! So tell me what’s your favorite shine-the-light?!?! Need some books hop on over to my website at https://a8364.myubam.com/!!!

Happy Snow Day ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️

Winter Day Activities with Usborne Books

Seriously you guys January has been rough, and February is off to a cold start as well! Between finally getting hit with winter snowstorms (which we lucked out of in December), to the polar vortex, to the freezing rain and snow again the Midwest is getting hit hard!

My son and I have spent a lot of snow days together and my nieces came along for he ride one day as well as my husband! What do you do with a house full of kids that have cooped up energy? Well story time with an activity of course!

Since it is getting close to Valentine’s Day, and the ‘That’s Not My’ series is celebrating 20 years I decided to focus on those two themes!

My son is obsessed with the ‘That’s Not My’ series!!! We have 3 so far and that’s only because I believe he needs cut off at times!

To start I had my oldest niece read the three ‘That’s Not My’ books that are my sons so they could get a feel for the stories!

After reading the three books it was time to make our own! We decided to make a ‘That’s Not My Heart (again almost vday)! So out came the crafts and supplies! It was a great learning tool on descriptive words for different items!

At the end we put the whole book together, and I have to say “We are pretty pours of it!”

UTIs the Bane of my Existence

Ugghhh anybody who has had a UTI can tell you how annoying and awful they are! Feeling like you constantly have to pee but can’t, having it burn when you do pee, just feeling achy in general! I hate them and how they affect my life! I am lucky in that I didn’t start to get them until my 20s unlike others who have been getting them since they were kids!

The culprit for these episodes! I blame it on my husband! I pretty much know a couple days after intercourse I am likely to get a UTI! Let me tell you this really kills the sex drive!

However I have myself to blame mostly! As a nurse I can recite over and over again the list of items that cause UTIs and what you should avoid! In case you are wondering the list is about a mile long!

I use to be really good about preventing them and then I had my son and fell off the bandwagon! I rarely drink near enough water, can hold my bladder for 13 hours during a nursing shift, and have started to drink caffeine more often again!

My New Years resolution is to make it the rest of 2019 without another UTI!

Things that helped in the past I am going to focus on again!

1.) Drinking more water 💦 ! (I also really liked adding lemons to my water 🍋!

2.) Voiding more often! (See number one to help with this!)

3.) Only wearing Cotten underwear! (Bye VS yoga panties) panties

4.) Not wearing wet or damp clothing (Yes I do change my swimsuits often if it is a beach day👙)!

5.) Not drinking pop! (I do break this to have a mixed drink on occasion🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m human)!

6.) okay so this I have always done but I have to throw in in case people are not aware! Wiping front to back!!!

What are some other tips that have helped you!!! I am sick of paying acute care so much for my frequent UTI visits!!!